Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Picture

Ever wonder what a ruptured ovarian cyst looks like?  Well, here’s a picture:

ruptured ovarian cyst

You can see how it is deflated, without a bunch of fluid inside.  Here is a diagram of an unruptured cyst, just to compare them…

ovarian cyst diagram

You can see how unruptured cysts look like  a large bag hanging off the ovary.  Now, it doesn’t always hang like this.  Also, most cysts dissolve before getting this large.  A cyst like this would be at risk for rupturing.

What does a ruptured cyst feel like?  INTENSE PAIN.  It will feel like you can’t even move, the pain will be so sharp.  It will generally be on just one side of the abdomen, and nothing you do will cause it to abate.  If you know you have an ovarian cyst and you suddenly experience intense pain (like 9-10 on a scale of 1-10), go to your doctor.  It’s important to rule out a twisted cyst or internal bleeding.

Once a cyst has burst, the ultrasound will show fluid in your abdomen. The ultrasound will look something like this:

ruptured ovarian cyst ultrasound

Diagram from MayoClinic Health Library.  Ruptured cyst photo from Ed Uthman via Flickr.  Ultrasound from