Complex Ovarian Cyst Pictures

If you think your cyst is a little more complicated, complex ovarian cyst pictures can help you understand it.  There are a lot of different types of complex ovarian cysts.  Let’s look at pictures of a few of them.

I prefer ultrasounds in general, as that is what the doctor is more likely to show you.

complex ovarian cyst pictures

This type of cyst is called a multiloculated ovarian cyst.  It looks like a lot of bubbles close together.  When a cyst looks like this, it is more likely to be cancerous.  One extra detail doctors look for is the presence of papillary extensions – these look like fingers coming out.  When these are present, the cyst has a higher likelihood of being cancerous.

complex ovarian cyst pictures

These two photos show a before and after ultrasound of a complex cyst.  You can see in the first one that the cyst was filled with fluid.  When a cyst is partially filled with fluid, has a wall, or partially solid, it’s defined as complex.  In this case, you can see that it resolved on its own without medical intervention.

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