PCOS Pictures

One of the most complicated ovarian problems a woman can have is PCOS.  Pictures of what is going on can help you understand what your body is going through.  So without further ado…

Here is an ultrasound of an ovary afflicted with multiple cysts.  You can see how they look like bubbles all around the ovary.

PCOS pictures

The next picture show a cross section of a polycystic ovary.  It’s a little scary, so avert your eyes if you are easily grossed out…

cross section of polycystic ovaryIn these PCOS pictures, you can see the little bubbles all around, called follicles.  These are the egg sacs that just never dissolved like they should have.

PCOS can be controlled through diet, exercise, and hormonal therapy.  There is an excellent book I just read by Dr. Walter Futterweit which discusses the possible causes and treatments for PCOS and its symptoms.  Go see it here on Amazon.

Picture from the Geneva Foundation.

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