What Can Help Treat Ovarian Cysts?

If you came here looking for pictures of ovarian cysts, you probably also want to find a way to treat them. Doctors usually recommend birth control pills to help shrink them, and surgery to remove larger ones. While this can work for some people, others with PCOS may not find relief.

I’ve been researching some different natural treatments for ovarian cysts. There are a lot of different herbs that you can try to use – each with its own degree of effectiveness. One that was recently sent to me was a supplement called Plexus.

Plexus is a health supplement company that makes supplements using the most natural ingredients. They have a range of products, from weight loss to pain management to probiotics. The weight loss supplement is called Plexus Slim, and it works by regulating blood sugar levels (it was originally designed for diabetics). Some people with PCOS have found that their symptoms improved while on it. For example, Brandy Smith wrote:

I have severe insulin resistant pcos and my “cysts” don’t just last while I’m supposed to be ovulating. They can be very painful cysts that last months. But since I have been taking Plexus slim the occurrence of them has been very minimal and I haven’t had any painful ones since August 2013. I have been taking plexus since the end of March and last month is the first time my insulin points came down enough for AF to visit My dry skin patches are gone, my skin has cleared up, my hair and nails actually grow! I believe it has greatly helped! My non scale victories have been what’s kept me going!

Another testimonial came from Jenny Studwell:

I have PCOS and have been on Slim (only) for 3 weeks! I have lost 8 lbs and have had my first menatral cycle in a long time. I had more cramping, and heavier flow but it was almost like it was “normal”. before I would only have it 2/3 days every 6-8 months. I will continue my plexus journey and can’t wait to see if it regulates anything else. good luck

Jennifer Tommey used the Slim and the X-factor (a multivitamin):

I have both PCOS & Endometriosis my constant pain has gone away as well as my friends since we started in Nov. Prior to that beginning at age 16 i have tried mult different birth controls, 2 Laparoscopic surgeries, 2 expensive Lupron shots, Metformin, & they wanted to do a full hysterectomy from the time I turned 23 which I wouldn’t let them. I’m just so glad I found Plexus. I started out w the Slim & old accelerator but now I’m just on Slim & XFactor. Just started Probio5 & Bio Cleanse.

Of course, there is going to be some variability in how it works for you. I’ve just started using it myself, and have noticed a lighter period with less cramping. However, each person’s body chemistry is different. The nice thing about Plexus is they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

You won’t find this supplement at the stores – it is only sold through Ambassadors. I do have an ambassador I use that you can check out if you want – just click here.  You can contact her with questions by clicking on the top right corner of the screen.  Of course, if you know someone who already sells it, you may want to go through them instead.

I’ll continue using this supplement.  If you try it out and see results, please share them!  Or if you have a different method of controlling ovarian cysts, please share it in the comments below.

Pictures of Ovarian Cysts with Hair and Teeth

I’ve talked about dermoid ovarian cyst pictures before, but it seems that many people can’t get enough!  Whether it’s the idea of seeing pictures of ovarian cysts with hair and teeth, or just the thought of some alien growing inside of us, there’s just an insatiable amount of curiosity on this subject.  So I tried to see what else I could find…

picture of ovarian cyst with teethThis particular illustration came from an older book on the subject.  The description is as follows:

Fig. 67. – Teeth from Ovarian Dermoid (From Coplin after Roberts).

An irregular branching piece of bone contained in a dermoid cyst of the ovary, in which are implanted well-formed teeth: 1, 1, Bony mass; 2, a tooth resembling a canine of the first dentition; 3, 3, 3, teeth resembling molars.

This next one is a little bit scary:

ovarian cyst with teethYou can really see the developed teeth in it!  This picture is from PathConsultDDX.

Finally, a post about pictures of ovarian cysts with hair and teeth would not be complete without a picture of one with hair in it.  So without further ado…

dermoid cyst with hairThis lovely hairball is from EndoGyn Wiki.

Complex Ovarian Cyst Pictures

If you think your cyst is a little more complicated, complex ovarian cyst pictures can help you understand it.  There are a lot of different types of complex ovarian cysts.  Let’s look at pictures of a few of them.

I prefer ultrasounds in general, as that is what the doctor is more likely to show you.

complex ovarian cyst pictures

This type of cyst is called a multiloculated ovarian cyst.  It looks like a lot of bubbles close together.  When a cyst looks like this, it is more likely to be cancerous.  One extra detail doctors look for is the presence of papillary extensions – these look like fingers coming out.  When these are present, the cyst has a higher likelihood of being cancerous.

complex ovarian cyst pictures

These two photos show a before and after ultrasound of a complex cyst.  You can see in the first one that the cyst was filled with fluid.  When a cyst is partially filled with fluid, has a wall, or partially solid, it’s defined as complex.  In this case, you can see that it resolved on its own without medical intervention.

Photos from Institute for Advanced Medical Education, Journal of Korean Medical Science,